Welcome from Sassi Bianchi Farm!

Sassi Bianchi is a little family farm placed in Tuscany, In the heart of Maremma Toscana, on the sweet hills around Grosseto, close to the river Ombrone.

The farm produces and sells genuine Extravirgin Olive Oil, fruits and vegetables.

SASSI BIANCHI always grows crops using traditional system management well associated with modern technologies so to reach a good product: Extravirgin Olive Oil.

Azienda Agricola

Sassi Bianchi

di Alfiero Pellegrini

Via del Peruzzo, 42

58100 Istia d’Ombrone

Grosseto – Toscana – Italia

Phone +39 339 75 25 317 (italian speaker)

Email info@oliosassibianchi.it